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9.FilmDo you like to watch films in the cinema or athome? Describe a film you see which impress you most.

 Home: cheap, lie (lay, lain) on the sofa, canenjoy a film again and again without extra pay Cinema: enjoy the film with lots of people , bigger screen, bettersound and visual effect,

Why do you like to watch films? Like the actoror actress, kill time, learn English. A kind of relaxation.

What kind of films do you like?

How often do you go to the cinema?

What’s the difference between American films and Chinesefilms?there are large cultural differences in american and chinesefilm. for example, the concept of face which is VERY important inasian culture is almost always present in Chinese movies, andthings which are said outright in american film are often supposedto be understood in Chinese film.the portrayal of women isdifferent. despite the fact that communism was supposed to bringequality of men and women to China there are still deeply ingrainedgender stereotypes that are present in Chinese films. This is truein american film as well, but less .in China much film content isstrictly regulated by the government making so what is portrayed isnot always what would have been portrayed if it was totally up tothe film maker.

10.Describe A Handicraft (something made by hand)What itis. What it looks like. How to make it.And explain what otherpeople thought of it.

 When talking about handicrafts, I’d like toshare with you my experience of making paper-cut. Paper-cut is atraditional folk art in China and it’s been very popular in somerural areas. It is paper cut into different shapes and patterns andthen pasted on windows as decorations on festive occasions, such asthe Spring Festival or a Wedding ceremony. I first learned to makepaper- cut in primary school when making paper-cut was part of theextracurricular activities. The process isn’t very complicated anddoesn’t take long. Well,you need a piece of red-coloured paper, apair of scissors and a pencil. Second, draw a certain pattern orwrite down some Chinese characters, such as “XI, OR FU ”thatrepresent the auspiciousness in our culture on the folded paper.Then use the scissors to cut the paper according to thepattern.When you open it up.Ta-da, you will find out a verybeautiful pattern in the centre is right in front of your eyes.Finally , paste the pattern of “FU or XI” to the front-door upsidedown, which means the fortune and bliss arecoming.  It is a very goodpractice for creativity and hands-on skills.

11.描述自己亲手做过的一道菜 stir-fry (炒), deep fry(炸), shallow fry(煎), steam (蒸), stew/braise (炖,焖),  boil(煮),roast/broil (烤), bake, smoke (熏), pickle (腌), barbecue(烧烤),重点记住基本的几个词汇就可以了:蒸煮炒炸煎

常用调料:Pickly ash (花椒)Pepper salt (椒盐)Monosodium glutamate(简称M.S.G.)(味精)Chilli (辣椒)salt, oil, sugar, honey, soyasauce, oyster sauce, (tomato) ketchup, vinegar,cumin powder(孜然),mustard, M.S.G., chicken essence, pepper/chilli, ginger(姜),garlic(蒜), shallot (葱), leek (韭)


蛋炒饭stir-fried rice with egg

凉拌黄瓜fresh cucumber with bean sauce; mixed fresh cucumber

醋溜土豆potato with vinegar flavor

糖醋排骨fried spareribs with sweet and sour sauce

红烧肉braised pork with soy sauce

宫爆鸡丁stir-fried diced chicken with chili sauce and peanuts

清蒸鱼steamed fish肉丝面noodles with slice pork

12.Someone you Admire Today I am goingto talk about a great leader in sports; Michael Jordan. He is sofamous that he is known by almost every young person in China. Ifirst heard his name when 1 was in high-school. At that time, heled his team and took the throne of the NBA national championshipfor the fifth time. I admire him not only because he is a greatplayer but also because I've learned a lot from him.

First; he is a great team leader, a team person. I've learnedfrom him that to be truly successful in my life, I need to build astrong team, draw on its strength, and lead the whole to a greaterheight. I can’t be a lone-ranger, and second; Jordan has shown hisgreat charisma as a leader. People, even his opponents, respecthim, admire him, That teaches me that I must become a person thatpeople follow me not because of what

13.Describe an important letter you wrote.

You should say who you wrote to①when you wrote it②what youwrote③

and explain why you wrote that letter④

An important letter

Note: This story is purely fictional. Any resemblance to actualindividuals or events is coincidental.

。①②Many years ago i once wrote a love letter to a girl - aPisces girl. I remember I sent her favorite orchids兰花with myhandwritten love letter attached.

③She became my girlfriend not too long after she received myletter. I guess she really liked the way how the letter waswritten. It was more of poetry than prose. I poured all my love andaffection like sweet real orange juice to a shiny glass. Shedecided to have the love letter read by all her dorm mates it waspassed from one hand to another and she was so proud of it and sheeven framed it like it were the picture of a saint. NOS

④Why I wrote this letter? It's a love letter, surely because Iloved her. I can explain a bit why I handwrote it. Sometimes athoughtful handwritten letter is just what a girl needed, and it issometimes better then an email. I just think it takes more effortto sit down to write and then send it through regular mail. Thatmakes it more special. For a girl, it's satisfying to hold a letterwritten by a boy's hand, and it's lovely that the boy took the timeand care to do so.

Nowadays, people tend to write letter by computers, there was atime, not so long ago, when letter writing was a real craft.


What kinds of museums are popular in China?

    Art, war, history, science, animal…

What can people learn from these places?

    Localhistory, traditional culture, knowledge of arts and science

Do you think that people should pay money to go to museums?

Actually, most museums in china are not free, I think it isreasonable. First because Items in the museums need special cares,and that means a large sum of money, also, we have to employ peopleto manage the museums. Third , money can be used to enlarge thecollections.

How can a museum attract people?

    Specialcollections, special activities, free  entry

who is the teenager?
when and how did you knew the teenagers?
what kinds of characters
the teenager has?
why do you like /dislike the teenager?
the difference between children and teenagers

在家学习的坏处:there are to many temptations at home, such ascomputers, tv...When they have problems that can’t be solved bythemselves, no body helps them.

Studying alone can be very tough.

Facing the difficulties, live by themselves, operate thecomputer, driving

The education in some large cities is fairly good, but in someremote areas, the education needs improving.

Relative to the education of the developed countries, we have agap.
How do teenagers treat the old people?
what are the differences between children and teenagers?

Teenagers: age, mentality, hormones, brain development , senseof being, sexual maturity
have their own way of thinking, have their own value, someteenagers can live

by themselves.

compare the teenagers now and in the past.

现在:they know more about the world. They spend more money. Theyare more independent.
16.elder person
describe a elder person
you know and admire
when you know
what is he like
what things you know about him

Yes,even if you are getting older and older ,you have toacclimatize yourself to the modern society, that means you have tostudy.

很多老人的课程:computer,english,Social Dance,painting,calligraphy
What are the different advantages of different aged people,youngsters and elder people?

注意这几种人:aged people是极老的人,elderpeople是四五十岁以上的人,youngsters当然是年轻人。


aged people: their suns and daughters are all adults and havetheir own families, so the aged people don’t have to worried abouttheir children , all they have to do is enjoying the life.

elder people:they are performing important roles in theirfields.

After many years of working ,they are wealthy.their lives aredecent.

 年轻人:they have a bright future, they can choosetheir jobs and their way of living. Just as many elder people say,It was so good to be young

What kind of jobs are suitable for them?
the difference between older people and younger peolpe


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