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People occasionally tell you,"Do that in yourfree time,"but in fact there's no such thing as"free"time. Evenwhen you're lying by the swimming pool,that's leisure time --but itisn't free time.

The most successful people are those who've mastered thetime-saving tactics described here.

Stay Focused

All top performers establish priorities. Helen GurleyBrown,editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan,always keeps an issue of themagazine on her desk. Whenever she's tempted to fritter awaytime,doing something that doesn't contribute to the magazine'ssuccess,she glances at that issue,and it gets her back ontrack.

One way to order your priorities is to create a"to do"list. Everyevening,jot down the top20 tasks to be done the next day,and reviewthe list several times throughout the day. The best way toaccomplish what's on the list is to give each task a specific timeslot.

Pattern of Success

Most people who want to get ahead spend useful time writingpersonal notes of gratitude,sympathy and congratulations. But whenit comes to routine memos,letters,fact sheets and forms,they save alot of time by relying on previously written material.

Susan Taylor,editor-in-chief of Essence,has created some 40formletters for everything from article rejections to replies torequests for donations. Stored on her computer,the letters can becalled up,copied and customized by changing a few key words. Taylorthen often adds a handwritten greeting at the bottom as a personaltouch.

Telephone Tips

Financier J. B. Fuqua has made a fortune putting deals togetherover the telephone. His most important strategy is to make notesbefore he places a call.

To avoid playing telephone tag,return phone calls rightaway,because you're likely to catch the caller and your messageswon't pile up. If the person is busy,many time-tacticians make anappointment to call back. Leaving a detailed message on someone'svoice mail prevents you from getting tied up in long conversationsand will get you an answer more quickly.

Do It Now

As a renowned color consultant,the late Suzanne Caygill designedthe homes and wardrobes of celebrities. To deal with all thedemands of her schedule,she followed a rule learned from herseam-stress grandmother:If she had a job to do,she did itimmediately. Too many people waste time "commencing to proceed toget started,"Caygill would say.

If you just dive in,though,you'll be surprised at how fast you getthings done. Remember,the best time to plant a tree was 20 yearsago. The second best time is now.

Freeze the Design

Perfectionists can waste just as much time as procrastinators .Thomas R. Williams,former chairman of WachoviaCorporation,discovered that many young people in banking don't knowwhen to stop researching a project and start wrapping it up. Thosetrainees could have learned something from engineers,who are taughtto produce the best possible solution by a certain date. Even if adesign is not perfect,they've done the best they could underdeadline.

Whenever you streamline a task or eliminate a hassle,you don't justsave time. You make your life more pleasant. "Dost thou lovelife?"Benjamin Franklin once said. "Then do not squander time,forthat's the stuff life is made of. "

















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