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How to ManageStress
The PresentSituation and Its Effects:
1. Stress is your
reaction to something youconsider a challenge or a threat. Stress is a natural part of life.Modern people are stressed out or under too much stress.
2. Stress is a natural part of life.
3. Stress is hard to define because it means different things todifferent people; however, it is clear that most stress is anegative feeling rather than a positive feeling.
4. Despite the highly developed
material life, modern peopleare leading an unprecedented stressful life.
5. Some stressors are so powerful that they would
evoke significant emotionaldistress in most mentally healthy people, and trigger mentaldisorders.

1. You may feel physical stress which is the resultof too much to do, not enough sleep, a poor diet or the effects ofan illness.
2. Nowadays the social competition is becoming
fiercer and everyone wants tocope with adversity and to flourish in their education,vocation, and personal relationships.

1. If your stress is chronic, it may require moreattention and lifestyle changes.
2. Exercise. Regular exercise is a popular way to relieve stress.Twenty to thirty minutes of physical activity benefits both thebody and the mind.
3. Hobbies. Take a break from your worries by doing something youenjoy. Whether it is gardening or painting, schedule time to
indulge your interest.
4. Healthy lifestyle. Good nutrition makes a difference. Limitintake of caffeine and alcohol, get adequate rest, exercise, andbalance work and play.
5. Share your feelings. A conversation with a friend lets you knowthat you are not the only one having a bad day, caring for a sickchild or working in a busy office. Stay in touch with friends andfamily. Let them provide love, support and guidance. Don’t try tocope alone.
6. Lower demands you put on yourself. Live for today. Don’t
dwell in the past of worryabout the future.
7. Develop other interests that will help you forget about yourproblems for a while. Sports work for some people, reading,exercising or socializing for others.

Carnivorous Diet or VegetarianDiet
1. Human beings are a part of the food chain, and eating meat isnatural. So then, how can eating meat be wrong?
2. Humans are type of animal and eating meat is normal and simply apart of life.
3. Animals provide essential protein for the human body. Proteinis
biologically essential,for every living creature needs a certain amount to survive.
4. Vegetarians do not get enough minerals and vitamins as a resultof their limited diet.
5. It is hard enough for vegetarians to stay healthy in ourtechnologically advanced society.
6. Eating plats is also causing pain or discomfort to the plants.You only have to check out laboratory experiments that plants feelpain.

Should Smoking Be Banned in All PublicPlaces?
1. Second-hand tobacco smoke can be deadly aswell.
2. Cigarette smoke contains about 4000 chemicals, about 50 of whichare known cancer-causing
3. Only one smoker makes a majority, as the smoker spreads andfills all space available.
4. Governments should pass law to protect people and place controlson actions that harm others.
5. Damaging one’s health is viewed as a personal liberty; damagingsome one else’s health may not.
6. Smoking in public places constitutes a real hazard tonon-smokers.
7. Smoking endangers people’s health. Smokers are more likely tosuffer from
bronchitis and lungcancer and have a higher risk of developing other kinds ofcancer.
8. Smoking may pose a potential fire hazard for smokers arecareless about the cigarette butts.
9. Smoking may cause diseases such as cancers and bronchitis.
10. For years cigarettes have been known to cause cancer,
emphysema, and other horribleillnesses.
11. Smoking not only does harm to the health of smokers but alsoaffects the health of non-smokers around them because non-smokersare forced to take in some
poisonous substances whichsmokers blow into the air.
12. Families could save money by not purchasing cigarettes; andaccidental fires costing millions of dollars caused by cigaretteswould cease.
13. With every cigarette you smoke, you are causing damage to yourhealth.
14. Every cigarette you smoke reduces your lifespan by 11minutes.

Littering/ RubbishProblem
1. The roads
scattered with all sortsof trash are a disgrace and the railway line are littered withdecaying rubbish.
2. One third of all waste produced is made up of packagingmaterials.
3. Litter attracts
vermin, causes a fire hazard,pollutes waterways and detracts from the amenity of public parks andgardens.
4. What we are doing now is wasteful of resources and unfriendly tothe environment.
5. People show an appalling disregard for the environment. Theyhave no respect for the environment.
6. We lack adequate facilities to dispose of rubbish of all kinds.For instance, not many
dustbins are seen alongstreets.
7. The quickening
tempo of modern lifestyle alsocontributes partly to the increasing rubbish problem, because manypeople prefer takeaway fast food and the use of disposable itemsfor the convenience’s sake.
8. Disposable packaging and items become fashionable these days,from baby nappies to milk cartons to burger
9. We are now living in a consumer-orientedsociety.

1. Public activities should be sponsored by government topromote the public awareness of environmental protection. Make surethat everyone is a conscious preserver.
2. Our government should take stronger and harsher measures tocombat the littering behavior.
3. Use environmentally-friendly materials.
4. Minimally packaged goods should be encouraged.
5. The rubbish should be classified scientifically so that theprocedure can achieve high efficiency.
6. People should learn to recycle. For instance, we should set upbins around town to collect glass, paper, and
aluminum that can be convertedback into raw materials, then made them into newproducts.

How to Solve the TrafficProblem
Present Situationand Cause:
1. Every day there are many traffic jams everywhere, causing greatinconveniences to people’s daily lives.
2. Too many cars running on the streets lead to air pollution andnoise pollution.
3. There are more vehicles than the streets can accommodate.
4. The
construction of new roadsis very slow.
5. Many drivers do not obey regulation. People lack adequateawareness of the seriousness of traffic problem.

1. More and Wider roads should be laid down torelieve the traffic congestion.
2. Build more underground railway and tunnels and
3. Issue stricter traffic laws and regulations, impose more severeand harsher penalty on the
4. Raise the public awareness of the traffic regulations.
Popularize the education oftraffic regulations; improve the quality of the citizens.
5. Build up better public transportation systems, including buses,trains and subway, will encourage more people to use them ratherthan drive their own cars.

The Pros and Cons ofBikes
1. Fitness: Biking let you incorporate low stress
aerobic exercise into yourdaily commute.
2. Parking: Forget about parking headache. Riding a bicycle letsyou park much closer to your destination than a car.
3. The environment benefits include reduced pollution and reducedresource consumption (less material, fuel, and
4. Bicycles increase mobility for those who don’t have access tomotor transport (who don’t qualify to drive a car).
5. Reduce energy consumption.
6. One of the most positive impacts of bicycling is improvedhealth.
Moderate exercise such asbicycling can offer major health benefits.
8. Beyond physical health, bicycling helps to relieve; to fight offdepression and anxiety; and to enhance your sense ofwell-being.
9. It is also a lot more economical to ride a bike than to drive acar.

The CloningTechnology
1. Cloning is unnatural and not
2. Cloning creates serious issues of identify and individuality andforces humans to consider the definition of self.
3. It leads to the psychological harms on cloned human children.One of those harms is the loss of identify, or sense of
uniqueness andindividuality.
4. The strongest ethical argument against cloning is that it couldlead to a new, unfamiliar type of family relationship.
5. Another argument against cloning is that it would be availableonly to the wealthy and therefore would increase socialinequality.

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